Breezy Ann Photography

nice to meet you

My name is
Anna Frenkel

Let me show you what I see when I look at you through my lens. I promise… it will take your breath away!

I discovered my passion for photography when my baby girl was born. I found myself constantly creating new photo sessions for her. Soon enough, I started to photograph my friends and family as well. I decided put my film school background to work for me and supplement my photography education with several workshops and classes focusing on photography equipment, composition and style, and of course, how to retouch photos using the latest and greatest software available. Since then, my portfolio has grown so much. Additionally, my family has grown. We welcomed our son into our lives and with him, came even more inspiration. Being a mother has influenced my work in so many ways. I try to create and customize new, entertaining, age appropriate photo sessions that everyone can enjoy. I am incredibly fun and patient with children and even more patient with their parents (wink).

Family is a beautiful thing, and although living in the moment is the most rewarding way to exist, I cannot express how much joy I feel when I look back through my photo albums and re-live all of the memories that I’ve shared with the people I love.

I am committed to creating that experience for you! Lets make some beautiful images together that you can share and cherish forever.